An Option for Every Appetite

Perhaps one of the main reasons that you have decided that it’s time to discover what senior living has to offer is that you are tired of grocery shopping and preparing meals every day. Joining the community at Vintage Hills at Prairie Trail will give you options. You can still prepare a meal in your apartment when you are in the mood to try a new recipe or prepare an old favorite. (And our Chef has cooking classes to help you find new favorites!) But you can also join your friends to enjoy dining restaurant style in our dining room or, if you are in hurry to get to a Watermark University class or watch a ball game in the lounge, grab a sandwich and cup of coffee at our café. At Vintage Hills, choice is always on the menu.

Linda Siriphan was born in Raleigh, NC and moved to Iowa at the age of 6. Fluent in the Lao language, Linda enjoys foods from all over the world and strives to expand her knowledge of international cooking and techniques. Her hobbies include cooking, fishing, hanging out with friends and family and listening to some […]